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To achieve success, there are two Ps that you need to focus on: Passion and Purpose. These two traits directly relate to one another concerning achieving success in your job. While some people may become successful doing a job they have no passion for, this situation isn’t the case for most people. If you have no passion for your job, it turns into a tiresome routine that you have to do to get a paycheck, instead of something you truly love and do to make a difference. I’ve addressed how passion can affect your success before, but now I’ll tie in purpose as well.

Discover the two Ps

First of all, you need to discover your passion. You need to think carefully about what issues or topics you’re fascinated by and could devote large amounts of your time to. Before embarking on a career or business venture, you need to be completely sure that what you’re doing actually appeals to you and isn’t just your chosen path because you believe there’s money in it or because others told you it’s the way to go.

Everyone has unique qualities that make them who they are and result in a deeply intricate inner life that few people ever fully tap into and utilize. We all have particular interests and topics that get us fired up, while simultaneously filling us with a desire to make a change or further that passion somehow. In order to be successful, you need to discover that passion; what makes you act.

Once you realize what your passion is, you can then work on your purpose. For some people, they’ll immediately know what they want their purpose to be after discovering their passion. Maybe you’re passionate about children’s health, and you know right away that you want to join an organization that provides medical care to children who may not receive it otherwise. Or maybe you’re passionate about animals and your purpose is starting a new animal shelter in your local area to meet the needs of stray animals. To find your purpose, think about what would give more meaning to your life and then follow that path.

What happens once you do?
After discovering your two Ps, you’ll bring a deeper significance into your life. Instead of feeling stuck in a dead-end job, you’ll be able to pursue what you actually want to do and create a successful and challenging career. Do not let yourself settle for your current profession if you aren’t satisfied with it. By learning about your passion and purpose, you’ll see greater success in your career and feel more at peace with yourself; a happiness you didn’t realize could exist in regards to your job.