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Given the old adage teamwork makes the dream work, it’s no wonder that “how do I develop a team around my brand?” is a common question from many new entrepreneurs. And it’s a good question to ask because the people whom you gather around you can make or break your success.

In any field, a successful leader stands out because she gathers a team of like-minded and helpful individuals around her and builds her own brand. Presidents particularly understand the importance of developing a strong team to further their personal brand. When campaigning, presidential candidates carefully choose who works for them, because having a strong team is the biggest factor that will lead to the White House. After the campaigning process, presidents still focus on their personal brand, as seen when they choose their cabinet members. The President realizes that his cabinet members must be successful and helpful people, who can make his job easier and help build his personal image.

But you don’t need to be the leader of a country to focus on your own brand. Whether you’re an employee or employer, a successful business owner or an entrepreneur striving to strengthen your company, building a strong team around you that represents your own personal brand is crucial!

How to Develop Your Brand

In Tom Peters’ book, The Brand You 50, he discusses various tricks and tips to help you stand out as an employee. He states, “a brand is nothing more than a sign of distinction” and he’s right! You need to develop that distinction in order to be noticed by employers, employees, and potential clients.

By developing distinction with your personal brand, it’s important to gather people around you that can help with your goal. Check out “Build Your Brand By Building Your Team” for specific examples and advice about the type of people to recruit onto your team. Having many different types of team members benefits your brand more than you can imagine. Whether they be employees, colleagues, or mentors, having a variety of strong people will help your brand!
Another tip to remember is that developing a brand around you isn’t just for the physical world. Remember to utilize social media and the internet in order to get your personal brand out there and also to connect with potential team members. We live in an age where it is possible for you to connect with nearly anyone else on the planet while online. Because you have this opportunity, go ahead and try to connect with other entrepreneurs who you admire, but maybe don’t know!