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“I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember— building companies, creating hundreds of jobs, and going where there’s no beaten path.”

— Jenny Munford

To be an entrepreneur, you have to be a little crazy!

Forbes reports that out of 100 entrepreneurs, a whopping 80% crash and burn within 18 months of starting their businesses every year. Conversely, a Formula One race car driver has only a 20 percent chance of crashing and burning, literally.

Enter Jenny Munford. Jenny is an international speaker and coach who works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other high-level  executives to help them avoid the very real dangers of burnout.

A highly driven and award-winning entrepreneur, Jenny Munford earned her first million at 25 years old while building a computer company. In the early nineties, she opened Germany’s first all-women gyms and launched her own fitness, health, and wellness empire. By 2000, Jenny had been named as one of Germany’s Business Women of the Year and her fitness video was #1 on Amazon.  In 2003, Jenny was ready for a change, both in her personal and professional life, so she sold her company and traded her Frankfurt’s skyline for the lush Canadian landscape of her childhood.

Growing an Empire

When Jenny found herself back in Canada, where she was born and grew up, she “got a day job” in marketing and advertising after thinking long and hard about what she wanted her next career stop to be. But Jenny, ever an entrepreneur at heart, quickly realized that she couldn’t run the show. Her solution? Start her own marketing and advertising outfit: A full-service television and advertising and commercial production company. She hired a team and nurtured their talent while developing ideas, writing scripts, creating storyboards, filming, and editing commercials. She placed original commercials on national television for companies and brands of all sizes.

Within six years, Jenny’s company had grossed millions of dollars in revenue and earned more than 89 awards for advertising and marketing. In 2001, Jenny was awarded the prestigious Canadian Woman of the Year award.

Passion. Creativity. Energy. Success. Jenny Munford had all four in spades.

And then things began falling apart.

When the Bottom Falls Out

As the CEO of Creative Bube Tube, Jenny’s full-service advertising firm, Jenny was on top of the world and ready for an expansion and she moved to California to launch a new office in the US. As she dived in, plotting out the company’s evolution and growth, Jenny repositioned and rebranded the company under the new name Campaign House, a fully integrated advertising agency specializing in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

Managing the Canadian office while building a new office in California was no small feat—from flying back and forth every other week to plugging in 24/7 to constantly check emails and text messages. But the phrase “take a break” wasn’t in Jenny’s do-it-all vernacular.

Fast forward to August 27, 2015. That’s the day the Jenny Munford finally crashed. That’s the day, Jenny closed the doors of her business for good. Unfortunately, like so many other relentlessly hardworking entrepreneurs, Jenny didn’t get out unscathed. She no longer had her business, but she had millions of dollars of debt.

Charting a New Direction

Thankfully, however, Jenny Munford bounced back. In fact, Jenny’s experience of losing everything has opened up her newest career adventure. Jenny has already mastered—through lots of grace, tough lessons, and constant perseverance—what many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs are learning: Taking care of your body and mind is the most important part of taking care of your business.

Now, Jenny draws from her past experience as the CEO and COO of a highly successful advertising company in order to guide other professionals through the stress and difficulties of a high-pressure job. In her new role, Jenny Munford plays “Chief Empowerment Officer” for thriving entrepreneurs, floundering entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and recovering entrepreneurs. She speaks candidly and encouragingly to all the dreamers and doers, the thinkers and innovators, the rebels and creatives who work tirelessly to create and run great businesses. But that’s the thing: Working “tirelessly” should be neither the goal nor the expectation.

The reason that people often work “tirelessly” is because they don’t have a visionary strategy. When Jenny was reflecting on how to move forward mentally she realized that she could always see the big picture of her ideas but she never had someone to advise her on her vision strategy and help her move forward or close the door on an idea. She was missing the ‘action’ piece in all her plans. She wishes someone guided her on the next steps she should be taking as well as giving her advice on when to take a break, move on, and reconnect with her passion. Jenny wants to be the visionary strategist that she never had for entrepreneurs at all stages. By giving them the tools to wake up and move forward, or close the door and move on, her visionary strategy program turns the big picture into results by not only planning the action but also realizing what that is going to consist of.

Championing Entrepreneurs

Jenny instructs entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them navigate the difficulties of today’s business world by freeing them from their superhuman self-presumptions. For wannabe entrepreneurs, she shows them how to build a viable business from even the smallest kernel of an idea. Having experienced the hardships and stresses of growing a business first hand, Jenny Munford strives to guide others through the difficult process.
Every day, Jenny Munford follows the same advice and practices the very lessons that she shares with others. Jenny has paid close attention to the role that technology plays in people’s lives as well as her own. In today’s age of digital communication, people are constantly receiving and processing information; however, in order to make sound business decisions, the brain must be in a relaxed state in order to creatively strategize and problem-solve. Entrepreneurs are held responsible for every decision that is made within their company, and so they must be strategic, calm and collected in their decision-making. Mental and inner strength can help alleviate these common pressures that often cause businesses to fail.

For this reason, Jenny is a strong advocate of distancing oneself from digital communication outside of work, and making time to truly connect with loved ones.

“We have to take the time to unplug, switch off and relax. Success in business is only possible when we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.  What are we currently doing to ourselves by being always plugged in and not taking enough time to move our bodies and relax our minds? Living a healthy, balanced life is not only healthful it’s financially relevant and has a direct impact on our bank accounts and bottom line.  Taking care of your body and mind is the most important part of taking care of business!”

-Jenny Munford


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